Our purpose

In the Birthplace of our Nation we will revive, grow understanding, commemorate and create legacies around the origin of our 250 years together


Our vision

  • In the lead up to 2019 we will capture the stories 1769 of navigation, engagement and exchange
  • Leading up to and during 2019 we will reveal these stories through events and legacy creation
  • During 2019 we will commemorate, celebrate and share the legacy through the successful execution of key projects and events

Our aims

The aims of the Trust are to:

  • To commemorate the first historic meetings of Māori and Europeans on and off our coast, especially the 250th anniversary of the voyage of the Endeavour captained by Lieutenant James Cook
  • To commemorate the discovery and exploration of our coast by the peoples who had arrived long before from the Pacific
  • To promote and educate the national and international significance of these histories and ensuing relationships
  • To enhance our economic, cultural, ecological and social well-being by establishing legacies for the future with a sense of pride and ownership