Te Au Mārie Charitable Trust

Celebrating Polynesian voyages of discovery

Commemorating the first meetings between Māori and Pākehā

Ipipiri Bay of Islands, 29 November 1769

Tuia 250 is about people and place, what brought us together, what challenges us still, and how we are weaving our differing cultures and values into a future we will be proud to leave for our grand children.



Tuia 250 recognises and commemorates two extraordinary voyaging traditions and cultures – the exceptional feats of Pacific voyagers, their non-instrument navigation prowess and their decision to settle in Aotearoa many generations ago.

Tuia 250 also commemorates the feats of European explorers, the technology they developed and their first encounters with the people of this place when James Cook and his crew arrived on the HM Bark Endeavour in October 1769. 

Tuia 250 will acknowledge these pivotal moments and their legacy for our nation. 

Throughout 2019 Taitokerau Northland is hosting a series of community events and experiences to commemorate, celebrate, and explore the multiple histories of our region and this place we call home.

Join us on our journey of exploration and discovery for
Tuia 250 ki Taitokerau.

Showcasing leading Taitokerau Māori businesses

Next year’s national commemoration event, Tuia – Encounters 250, has provided a platform to showcase leading Taitokerau Māori businesses. A partnership between Te Hiringa Business Promotions Trust and regional organisers of Tuia –250, Te Au Mārie Trust, will see...

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Exciting plans under way to commemorate first meetings

Early May saw a number of workshops and hui held in Whangarei, Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands to promote regional and national plans for next year’s commemoration of the first meetings between Māori and Europeans. Co-chair of the national co-ordinating committee for...

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250 year journey represented by winning sculpture

It’s only a short journey from NorthTec to Hihiaua Peninsula, but it was a significant journey for a pair of students who won two of the three awards at last week’s Whangarei Sculpture Symposium. Competing against 20 artists from across the...

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Sculpture journey about to begin

The journey James Cook and his Polynesian navigator Tupaia made nearly 250 years ago is the inspiration behind the theme of this year’s Whangarei Sculpture Symposium.  The sculpture which best depicts the ‘journey’ theme will be unveiled as part of the region’s 2019...

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Rediscovering Cook’s visit to the Bay

History lovers are getting a jump start on Tuia – Encounters 250 commemorations with a day sailing and exploring sites from Lt Cook’s visit to the Bay of Islands 249 years ago. The day sail on March 17th on the tall ship, R. Tucker Thompson, follows a map of the parts...

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Te Kuku or "Otegoowgoow', son of a chief on Motuarohia